About us

We spent three years living in the Cyclades islands, where we learned the greek language and approached the beautiful culture. We've been almost four years in Oman, learning the culture and traditions and every single corner of the Sultanate. Before that, we spent more than one year and twohundred thousand kilometers around Costa Rica with a very old red jeep. Today we travel into those countries, for business and to reconcile the needs of our children. We like travel and we like to be in touch with locals, learn about their culture and their history and traditions. We like to transmit you all the energy and deep knowledge of every place. We sell only what we are familiar with and we count a large number of cooperators in each destination.

Luxury Travel LAB About Us | Albino iorio esperto di destinazione Oman wants to be by your side, with nice and competent people. On each experience with us you will be a VIP traveler: we combine  whatever is local, real, with the cares for every single guest, because all of you, are 'Very Important' to us. Go deep, live well, experience more, be original and keep memories, to be shared with the people you love.

Destination Insiders

We   deeply knows  our destinations.  We are  proud and  convinced to be able to give you importants informations, warnings before every journey.     

Moreover, we organize workshop on request, before every - small or large - group tour,  to meet you personally, answer to your  questions and show you our huge portfolio of images and videos. We cooperate with you to give a touch of uniqueness for your very special guests.   


We PERSONALLY follow our guests from the first e-mail to the end on their tour. When we organize a group tour you will be informed about every single step. In each destination we count a large number of cooperators, even though ALBINO will be the tour leader, always with you to ensure perfect results. 

However if you need your own privacy, you will get your total indipendence and freedom drivingin a personalized tour with your Virtual Guide. 

Eco Tourism 

Since many years now we fight for the environmental sustainability of our planet. What we personally can do is to inform all participants in our tours, about the situation in various locations. All our work is always centered to recognize the rights of the fauna and flora, together with the respect of the local populations. We incourage travellers to understand fragile ecosystems while traveling, to save and protect them together  - and we sensibilize people to protect the environment for their benefit and future generations.

Virtual Guide

Virtual Guide is a quick and easy way to organize your holiday independently. Our expert voice has been recorded on a map to guide you daily in your adventure. In addition, we take of any booking: services, transfer, restaurants and hotel, so you can arrange your stress free departure. It's like having Albino with you, but with two advantages: cut the costs and stop the audio recorded whenever you will like, to better enjoy a place, a beach, or a sunset.

...in cooperation with

Since 2016 our collaboration with the association l'Ancora(the anchor) based in Arezzo and the two projects: Viaggiaredisabili and Freeways begins. www.viaggiaredisabili.com was born from the experience of a 37-year-old woman who suddenly was sitted in a wheelchair: everything changes, and the point of view of everything have been changed.

Our destinations now, are without barriers.